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As official Bergmann dealers, at Promac Solutions we are proud to offer the full range of Bergmann Dumpers to UK construction businesses, at fantastic prices. Bergmann is a family owned German company that builds quality earth moving equipment, and specialises in ultra-durable dump trucks. In fact, they are known as being some of the toughest machines available, capable of weathering even the most challenging construction environments. Bergmann’s dedication to building great products makes them a great choice when looking to expand your dumper fleet.

We carry their 3000 and 4000 Series dumpers; both product lines offering great capability. The 3000 series machines are based on a 4WD wheeled transmission, whilst the 4000 series machines run on large rubber tracks for extreme terrain. No matter what kind of conditions you need to work in, one of these dumpers will fit the bill. Have a look at what Bergmann builds, and think about whether or not they would be a good fit for your business.

The 3000 Series 

With a 12 tonne hauling capacity and an excellent cab for operator comfort, the Bergmann 3000 series delivers industry leading performance in almost any environment. It is available in three different configurations, straight tip, swivel tip & three-way tip.

Like all Bergmann products the 3000 series dumper is crafted in Germany. For Bergmann, operator safety is paramount, and these dumpers offer industry leading safety and comfort.

If you need extra visibility on the job, Bergmann offers a rotating operator stand inside the climate controlled cab, so that the operator can keep a close watch on the work. The 3000 series dumper from Bergmann offers a lot of functionality for the price, with affordable spare parts and minimal maintenance requirements.

The 4000 Series

For construction sites that require a dumper with exceptional mobility, the Bergmann 4000 series is a great choice. This go-anywhere dumper can operate in the muck and mud, and won't have any issues traversing rough terrain.

It is available with either straight tip or swivel tip variants, it has a carrying capacity of 10 tonnes and shares all of the comfort and safety features that any Bergmann product is built with. This dumper features two hydrostatic power trains that deliver constant full power, and has been designed with optimal weight distribution for ease of movement.

A hydraulic parking brake ensures that the machine will be stable on just about any incline, and the secure traction the tracks provide make movement possible in most conditions. The tracks also provide impressive cornering ability, especially in ground that would cause problems for wheeled trucks.

Quality Plant From Promac Solutions

Here at Promac we know that the equipment your company invests in will make a big difference to your operation. While there are many budget options available for dumpers, we believe that buying premium machines makes good business sense when working on tough sites in all weathers. The quality that Bergmann builds into its products will mean less downtime on the job, fewer repairs and a higher ROI for your company.

If you have any questions about these Bergmann dumpers, or any other product we carry, please give us a call on 01189 817 337 to speak with our technical sales team.

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