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We are delighted to announce our new supplier partnership with Husqvarna. Following a huge amount of research and effort we will now be representing the full line of Husqvarna demolition robots for the South East of England.

Husqvarna are best known publicly for their extremely high quality range of chainsaws and domestic garden tools, but they are also an advanced robotics business, making inroads into the construction and demolition industry.

Husqvarna DXR Range

There are no two ways about it: Husqvarna DXR demolition robots look futuristic. They are powerful, remote controlled construction machines with a telescopic arm that can mount various attachments, including breakers, excavator buckets, crushers and shears.

The most advanced model in the range, the DXR 310, weighs just over 2 tonnes, but despite its light weight delivers a punch of over 22 kW – the equivalent hydraulic braking power of a 12-tonne crawler excavator!

This is extremely impressive for a machine small enough to fit through many doorways and even climb stairs. The robot’s telescopic arm gives it an upward reach of 5.5 m, and a forward reach of 5.2 m.

When taken together, these features add up to an almost unparalleled versatility in the world of demolition plant.

Stability is provided by a outrigger platform, which provides a broader footprint for the machine when carrying out high-impact work.

The machines have a range of additional features to equip them for the toughest applications. These include hydraulic cylinder protection, rapid cooling mechanisms and heat protection. Each machine also has a state-of-the-art control systems, making them energy-efficient and cost-effective to operate.

As the operator is physically removed from the ‘front line’ of demolition work, these are also some of the safest machines currently available.
Over the course of extensive tests and demonstrations, we have been consistently impressed by the durability and build quality these machines offer to their end-users.

The Demolition Business Is Changing

The demolition industry is slowly changing and whilst these machines are currently sold in low volumes, we believe that these products will become the norm over the coming years, very much due to the power that they have, along with being zero emission rated.

Husqvarna’s new demolition robots represent a glimpse of the future of construction plant. The term ‘revolutionary’ is overused when discussing new innovations, but in the case of Husqvarna it is fully justified.

In terms of performance, they outdo most of the manually controlled machines available on the market, certainly when you consider them weight for weight. And the health and safety advantages of remote-control plant cannot be overemphasised. By removing the machine operator to a safe distance, the risk of accidents is drastically reduced. We hope that this will not go unnoticed by insurers when businesses opt to use remote controlled plant.

Some veterans of the construction industry have expressed scepticism about these remote-controlled machines, but we have had an enthusiastic response from the younger generation now coming into the industry. Raised on PlayStations and Xboxes, the new intake have an intuitive grasp of remote-control plant, allowing them to operate machines in a safe, clean environment, away from the muck and risk that comes with being directly involved with the action.

More Information

For full machine specs please take a look through the Husqvarna DXR user guide.

We will be working closely with the Husqvarna team over the coming weeks to ensure that all aspects of training are in place and that we have all is the knowledge required to sell & support these fantastic machines. As with all our plant, each purchase will be accompanied by full training, technical support and manufacturer’s warranties.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Husqvarna DXR range, please contact our technical sales team on 01189 817 337.

Click Here To Download Husqvarna Brochure

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